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  • The Overall Planning and Layout

    According to the Binzhou Port Planning approved by Shandong Provincial People's Government in March 2012, Binzhou Port would develop an overall structure called one body two wings with a harbor port area as the core and Taoer River Port area and Dahekou Port area supplemented.

    Taoer River Port area plans to build 150 or so, 1000-5000 - ton berths, with the annual throughput capacity over 50 million tons.

    Dahekou Port area plans to construct the eastern coast and build 20 1000-3000 - ton berths in the Lubei canal with the annual throughput capacity over 5 million tons. At present, Shugang road, operation center, jetty, south breakwater, etc have been finished and major projects of west breakwater have been completed.

    The harbor port plans to construct 120 various kinds of berths, forming deep water wharf coastline of 42.5 kilometers and the port land area of 57.5 square kilometers. The near-term target is to build two 30,000 tons (reserved structure 50,000 tons) bulk cargo berths, three 50,000 tons( reserved structure 100,000 tons) liquid chemical berths and three50,000 tons( reserved structure 100,000 tons) multi-purpose berths with the annual throughput capacity over 20 million tons. Medium and long term planning aims to build 120 3,000-20,000 tons berths for crude oil, liquefaction, coal and container to build regional comprehensive port with the capacity over billions tons and create a powerful engine for the strategy of of northern coast rising in Binzhou and development and construction in Yellow River Delta and Peninsule Blue Economic Zone


    Development in the future

    In the future, we firmly convince the overall goal "two years’ hard work, three years’ forming, five years’ rising", make full use of deepwater coastline resource advantage, accelerate the implementation of Binzhou port projects, constantly improve the service function, develop modern agriculture and green, environmental protection industries such as agricultural products processing industry and trade, etc, focusing on the protection of the Marine environment, atmospheric environment and port construction and production. With modern logistics, container, bulk dry bulk, liquid chemical industry as the leading factors, we would actively build and perfect modern logistics system, construct a port of international agricultural products, develop green, environmental protection industries such as modern agriculture, agricultural products processing and trade, LNG, etc.

    At the same time, according to the layout with the port- before and the factory- after, relying on the Beihai New District, compound "port economy" will be strongly developed with priority to port, hinterland, shoreline, land, et, combining the port and industries, the industry and city, city and port, gradually forming the new integrated pattern to promote production, revitalize the port and the city, playing leading role in driving the regional development.