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  • Initiating bravely and creating a better future

    As an old saying goes,"The Yellow River comes from the sky and gallops to the sea without return. "

    Lying in Yellow River Delta and cultivated by an unyielding and tenacious spirit of Yellow River culture, the development of Binzhou port starts late, however, it has risen with great ambition.

    Since it was founded, the Group has gained great support and solicitude from all circles of the society, advancing with the times, forging ahead with determination and struggling for the dream!

    Lots of sailboats are competing across the river fiercely.

    For the long journey, willing to be with you.


    Sincerely and faithfully, Binzhou port is willing to work with friends from all circles of society to build a brilliant future together!

    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Binzou Port Group Co., Ltd