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    Introduction of Binzhou Port Group, Co., Ltd

    As one of the important ports of strategic planning and construction in Yellow River Delta and Peninsule Blue Economic Zone, Binzhou Port is the nearest sea route of Jinan metropolitan circle, the nearest  port accessing to the sea from Shandong to Tianjin Beihai New Area and Project One affirmed by the Binzhou municipal party committee and municipal government. At present, it has been promoted from the general port to regional important port by Shandong Provincial People's Government and incorporated in the national coastal port construction layout planning in the Ministry of Transport.

    As the main body of Binzhou Port construction, Binzhou Port Group, Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise group integrating investment and financing, construction, operation and management, with its predecessor as Binzhou Port, Co., Ltd founded in February, 2006. On May 20, 2014, based on the original Binzhou Port, Co., Ltd and by asset restructuring and capital increase, Binzhou Port Group, Co., Ltd was formally established, coordinating and managing port financing, construction and operation, undertaking the construction and development of Binzhou Port and playing a crucial role during economic transformation of Binzhou city. In the start-up stage, the Group is affiliated with eight departments including integrated management department, accounting department, finance department, investment development, planning and construction department, engineering department, safety and quality department and operation department, with three wholly owned subsidiaries, Binzhou Port Servic Co., Ltd., Binzhou Port Logistics Co., Ltd, the Yellow River Delta Port Management and Operation (Binzhou) Co., Ltd and Binzhou Port Service Co., Ltd consists of the Yellow River Delta Ecological Tourism Development Co., Ltd., The Yellow River Delta ( Binzhou ) Beihai Hotel Co., Ltd, Binzhou Lvye Efficient and Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd , with a total of more than two hundred people.

    According to the Binzhou Port Planning approved by Shandong Provincial People's Government in March 2012, Binzhou port would develop an overall structure called one body two wings with a harbor port area as the core and Taoer River Port area and Dahekou Port area supplemented. The harbor port plans to construct 120 various kinds of berths, forming deep water wharf coastline of 42.5 kilometers and the port land area of 57.5 square kilometers. Taoer River Port area plans to build 150 or so, 1000-5000 - ton berths, with the annual throughput capacity over 50 million tons. Dahekou Port area plans to construct the eastern coast and build 20 1000-3000 - ton berths in the Lubei canal with the annual throughput capacity over 5 million tons. At present, Shugang road, operation center, jetty, south breakwater, etc have been finished and major projects of west breakwater have been completed.

    With the firm determination and increased strength of Binzhou municipal party committee and municipal government, the potential of Binzhou port and pulling function on the port-related industries have been more and more highlighted. Convincing the overall goal "two years’ hard work, three years’ forming, five years’ rising", and in line with the principle of the scientific construction, the careful scheduling and safety first, the Group determines to construct a prosperous Binzhou port.